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Investment in information and technology

With new management, comes new insight. CMC Workshop has is an on-line entity, with up to the minute, vehicle specific information available for almost every make and model of car sold in the UK for the past 50 years. This includes updates from manufacturers as to common issues along with any subtle changes to service schedule, lubricants and/or tyre pressures. This is not a one-off investment, it is well understood that vehicle technology is constantly changing, and CMC Workshop is committed to ensuring that it does not fall behind the technology curve.

Operating system

Diagnostic trouble shooting

In line with the IT investment working behind the scenes, CMC Workshop has invested considerably in diagnostic equipment. Going beyond the average EOBD engine management system access, we have equipment that with few noteable exceptions, can access all systems fitted to almost all common (and some not so common) UK vehicles, as well as most Japanese imports.
To our knoweledge, our diagnostic equipment does not cover Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini due to equipment costs. Sadly, Chrysler CRD vehicles currently also remain outside of our reach, due to technology issues.

Diagnostic Tools

A/C Repairs and Diagnostics

CMC Workshop staff are all trained in diagnosis and repairs for A/C systems and we have up to date equipment to service/regas A/C systems fitted to vehicles manufactured after 1995 (and older models converted to use R134a), though not Hybrid vehicles at the time of writing (due to additional requirements of service equipment).

A/C Diagnostics

Electrical and Engine Managment System Diagnostics

From the basic starting and charging diagnostics to more detailed ignition, injection and CAN bus analysis, we have the equipment on site to accurately test your vehicle. Using modern and traditional methods of identifying battery, starter and alternator issues, as well as osciliscope waveform analysis together with the vehicle's on board diagnostic information, we can diagnose most issues quickly and simply.

Electrical Diagnostics