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Fixed & Variable (manufacturer specific time/distance) price plans available

Options Oil Change Service + MOT Time/Distance*1
Price £90 inc VAT £110 inc VAT £ POA
Engine Oil & Filter
Tyres, Lights & Levels
Air & Pollen Filters *2
Replace Fuel Filter *3 *2
Replace Spark Plugs *4 *2
Replace Timing Belt *5 *2
Reset Oil Serv Indicator
Reset Insp Indicator *6
A/C Service By request By request By request
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Important notes

*1 Time and distance services vary depending on vehicle make and model. As a rough guide, most manufacturers follow a 1 year or 10,000 mile service interval, alternating between small and main services. If a Time/Distance service is requested, please let us know the rough mileage of the vehicle and if known, the last type service it had (e.g. small or main). We can then work out the most appropriate service for your vehicle to comply with the manufacturers service schedule, or to return it to the manufacturers schedule if required/desired.
*2 These components are only replaced if mandated by the applicable OEM service schedule.
*3 Fuel filter replacement is typically a diesel vehicle requirement every major service, and some petrol vehicles at the 50,000/60,000 mile multiples. Due to the time/cost implications, we will not replace in-tank fuel filters unless agreed in advance with the customer.
*4 Petrol vehicles, typically at either 50,000 or 60,000 mile multiples. On some vehicles, where this is likely to incur a noteable cost (V8, V12 engines for example), we will discuss/agree this with the customer in advance.
*5 The Camshaft Timing Belt (where fitted) is critical to the operation of the engine. We strongly reccomend changing the timing belt at the manufacturer reccomended intervals, but will always discuss/agree in advance with the customer if a replacement is due. It is not possible to provide a rough guide as to the timing belt replacement interval, as this varies considerably between manufacturers.
*6 On many vehicles, there is only 1 service or inspection indicator, however, BMW have for many years had their 'Oil', 'Inspection I' and 'Inspection II' indicators. Many newer vehicles have more granular service indicators, tracking oil grade used and/or component level replacements for such items as batteries etc.. CMCWorkshop will reset the service indicator as appropriate to the service that was carried out.